Largo di Torre Argentina and the cat sanctuary

February 16, 2023
Largo di Torre Argentina and the cat sanctuary

While walking around Rome, you may pass by Largo di Torre Argentina and the cat sanctuary. You may be astonished by the presence of a major archaeological area located right in the middle of modern buildings. But it is all true.

This is an area far from the ancient centre of Rome that everyone knows, like the Colosseum or the Forum, and this makes it a perfect destination for a TOUR. We’ll stop by Largo di Torre Argentina and while admiring the remains of the ancient roman temples, you can also spend some time with the many inhabitants of the cat sanctuary.

The discovery of the site

While walking or driving through the streets of Rome, you may come across Largo di Torre Argentin. This is an  archaeological area dating back to the 3rd century BC.  The works (made in the 1920s)  discovered a vast paved square on which stand the remains of four temples from the Republican era, but their identification is still not entirely certain.


Other curiosities

The site of Largo di Torre Argentina is also famous because it was here that the deadly conspiracy against Julius Caesar took place on the Ides of March in 44 BC. It is worth noting that the name ‘Argentina’, by which the archaeological area is known, derives from Argentoratum, present-day Strasbourg. This is the city of origin of Johannes Burckardt (Giovanni Burcardo). He was Alexander VI Borgia’s master of ceremonies, also known as the bishop argentinensis. In fact, he named the tower included in his palace in Via del Sudario, today the site of the Theatre Museum, Argentinensis.

Largo di Torre Argentina and the cat sanctuary!

Largo di Torre Argentina is a perfect place for cat lovers. Right here you can find one of the oldest cat sanctuaries in Rome. The felines have found their home in Largo di Torre Argentina. They have become the real stars and a source of attraction for many tourists and Romans.