Rome’s Orange Garden and Saint Dominic

August 2, 2023
Rome’s Orange Garden and Saint Dominic

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Have you ever visited Rome’s amazing Orange Garden? Do you know how it is related to Saint Dominic? The Orange Garden of Rome, (Giardino degli Aranci) is one of the most beautiful parks in Rome. Perched on top of the Aventine Hill (Colle Aventino), it is a beautiful public garden with orange trees and a stunning view over Rome and St. Peter’s dome. The Orange Garden is related to Saint Dominic and is one of Rome’s hidden gems. It is certainly worth including it in your Rome tour. Ask us to visit the Orange Garden and share the story of St. Dominic…take one of our Tours.

The Garden

The Orange Garden is one of Rome’s most charming spots. The view from the Garden spans the Tiber River to the Temples of the Forum Boarium, Santa Maria in Cosmedin to the Janiculum and St. Peter’s Dome.

At the entrance of the garden, there is a stunning fountain by Giacomo Della Porta with a grotesque mask constructed from the marble taken from a Roman granite bath and surrounded by travertine.

The gorgeous garden, filled with orange perfume at the time of flowering, has one of the outstanding views of the Roman skyline.

Fontana del Mascherone - Orange Garden

Fontana del Mascherone – Orange Garden

Why visit the Orange Garden?

The Garden of Oranges is an ideal spot for children to run about and have fun, and it is close to the (not-so-secret anymore) Knights of Malta keyhole, which is always everybody’s favorite, The cathedral of Santa Sabina and the other marvellous churches of the Aventine Hill.

In addition, as we said, the view of St. Peter’s Dome from here is amazing together with the possibility of spotting many of the other city’s important landmarks. The sunset form this spot is truly breathtaking.

The history of the Orange Garden and Saint Dominic

The orange trees that flourish in Rome’s Orange Garden give it its name but the interesting story comes from its relation with Saint Dominic himself.

Saint Dominic's Orange Tree

Saint Dominic’s Orange Tree

The Dominican Order of Santa Sabina that purchased the castle that used to be there from its original owners, converted it into a monastery. According to history, Saint Dominic planted the first orange tree in the yard after bringing a twig from Spain. Believe this or not, that same orange tree is actually still visible in the church of Santa Sabina. It is a sight to see… a tree planted by St. Dominic’s own hands.

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