The Butterfly Eden and Rome’s Botanical Garden

May 2, 2023
The Butterfly Eden and Rome’s Botanical Garden

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In the heart of Rome, you can find a magical place where to walk away from the chaos of the city and enjoy the marvels of a wonderful garden. Come and visit the incredible Butterfly Eden and Rome’s Botanical Garden.
You can step away from the historical monuments and decide to spend some time in the wonderful Botanical Garden of Rome and immerge yourself in the Butterfly Eden. This is the home to a multitude of incredible species of butterflies. Come and visit this extraordinary place and experience the amazing variety of the plant world preserved here.

Rome’s Botanical Garden

Among the largest in Italy, the Botanical Garden of Rome is located in the park of Villa Corsini, on an archaeological area formerly constituted by the Baths of Septimius Severus. The Botanical Garden is fully part of the tradition of gardens with an important scientific and naturalistic value.

The current Botanical Garden covers 12 hectares and preserves naturalistic varieties from all over the world. Its collections are of particular interest for the scientific importance and for the way the environments are cultivated and reconstructed. Among the main collections, you can admire various monumental trees, and over 300 examples of more than 130 species.

You can also visit a fascinating glasshouses of more than 2,000 square meters where you can find about 400 orchid species and many more things to admire.


Butterfly Eden in the Botanical Garden in Rome

Butterfly Eden in the Botanical Garden in Rome

The Butterfly Eden

The Butterfly Eden is a magical place within the Botanical Garden. It is an enchanted space where you can experience the direct contact with some of the world’s most beautiful exotic butterflies.

In the Butterfly Eden greenhouse, you can go through an authentic tropical environment which has been recreated for the butterflies. They can flutter freely, lay eggs, feed and court each other right before your eyes.

Qualified biologists and entomologists will provide all the information to discover the entire life cycle of the butterfly.

Do take this opportunity, take a break from the museums and the cues all around Rome. Take a stroll in this oasis of beauty and tranquillity. Come and experience the amazing fluttering of the butterflies in Rome’s Butterfly Eden in the Botanical Garden.