The Domus Tiberiana reopens: the first palace of the Roman emperors is open again

September 20, 2023
The Domus Tiberiana reopens: the first palace of the Roman emperors is open again

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After 50 years, the famous Domus Tiberiana, the first palace of Roman emperors reopens to the public. Entering the first imperial palace on the Palatine Hill is a unique emotion. Starting today, it will be possible to enter the Domus Tiberiana, where the first Emperors lived. Where we can only imagine the splendour of the stuccoes, frescoes and sculptures which decorated the first residence of the rulers of Rome. Finally, today, after 50 years, the Domus Tiberiana reopens. Ask us to take you to visit the Forum, the Palatine Hill, the Colosseum… and now, also the Domus Tiberiana. Take one of our Tours. We’ll share this emotion with you!

The Domus Tiberiana

The Domus, which rises over the Roman Forum, has returned to the public today after 50 years. Its name refers to Tiberius (14-37 A.D.), but archaeologists, on the basis of the discoveries and studies carried out in recent years, tend to date it, in its first construction phase, to the age of Nero (54-68 A.D.).

The Domus Tiberiana, or better, the halls we can see today, date back to the Hadrianic age. The palace has lived through various phases, even though the first construction dates back to Nero.  After then it was mainly Domitian and Hadrian who expanded the palace structure, which reached an extension of 4 hectares.

domus tiberiana

The Domus Tiberiana

The Museum – The Imago Imperii

‘Imago Imperii‘ (the image of the government) is the title chosen for the permanent museum display which guides the visitor through thirteen rooms of the complex, transformed into exhibition halls. Exactly where the emperors lived precious artefacts show us the history of the very long life of the palace. It started from the 1st century A.D. to the Renaissance period, when Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, nephew of Paul III, incorporated the residence into his own Horti di Delizie.

The Halls

The halls that can be visited boast the beautiful opus mixtum structures with mosaic floors. The rooms from the Hadrianic period present fragments of everyday life: coins, oil lamps, wine amphorae, as well as extraordinary artistic creations, such as the softly modelled terracotta sculptures. No less precious are the stuccoes covering the sub-arch of the so-called Caligula Bridge or the frescoes, in an adjacent room, with refined Dionysian motifs.

The stained-glass windows of the rooms overlook the Forum. The evening illumination has been especially studied to allow everyone to see the arches of the Domus Tiberiana in the Roman nights. The visit is worthy of an emperor. Come to Rome and take one of our Tours. We’ll take you to see the Domus Tiberiana. Come and #feeltheessence.