The legend of the Lover’s Fountain in Rome

May 23, 2022
The legend of the Lover’s Fountain in Rome

The legend of the Lover’s Fountain in Rome. Everyone knows about the wonderful Trevi Fountain in Rome, but not everyone knows that on the right side of the fountain, hidden from the view, is a rectangular basin with two small spouts, called: the Lover’s Fountain. There is a legend around the Lover’s Fountain in Rome. Let’s discover the secrets of this romantic site. Come and select one of our guided TOURS. We’d be glad to stop by and show you this small but wonderful spot.

A symbolic intersection of water jets

The Lovers’ Fountain, located on the right side of the Trevi Fountain, consists of two simple spouts whose water jets cross each other before ending up in a stone collecting basin that lies just below the jets.

The architect Nicola Salvi, who had been commissioned to design the Trevi Fountain by Pope Clement XII, wanted to build the monumental fountain with these two spouts to enable people to access the pure and healthy water of the Acqua Vergine aqueduct, which was otherwise unreachable.

The two jets of water were designed to enable Roman women to fill their jars more quickly. But in addition to the practical function, the arrangement of the cannulas also had great symbolic and romantic value.

Lover's Fountain in Rome

Lover’s Fountain in Rome

The romantic legend of the Lover’s Fountain

According to an ancient legend, couples who drink together from this fountain would remain in love (and faithful) forever.

This was a ritual repeated in the past every time a couple was forced to separate. In these occasions the night before the departure, the two lovers would go to the Lovers’ Fountain. The girl would fill two never-before-used glasses at the spring and hand one to her beloved. After drinking together, the glasses would be smashed to seal their love pact and to ensure the beloved’s safe return.

If you are walking around the Trevi Fountain, don’t miss the opportunity to take a sip of water at the Lover’s Fountain! And if you have a thirst for curiosity select one of our tours in Rome, and learn the many legends of the eternal city. Come and take one of our TOURS. Come to Rome and #feeltheessence.