The origins of Tiramisù

October 16, 2020
The origins of Tiramisù

The most popular questions that we get during our tours are about food and wine. Of corse we are in Italy and everybody visiting it wants to taste a bit of the country. In fact, culture doesn’t mean just museums, opera, ruins, but also the culinary traditions, above all if you are approching Italians. For us food is a kind of obsession, or at least that’s how foreigners would describe our passion for it. But at the end every visitor, tourist or not, falls in love with our cousine, specially with some specific dishes.

One of them is probably considered the most famous Italian dessert and it’s reeeeally easy as well: the Tiramisù!

According to the legend it was invented in Treviso (north-east side of Italy) by a brilliant “maitresse” of a bawdy house between the 178th and 19th century. Apparently this lady created this aphrodisiac dessert to offer her clients at the end of the evenings in order to invigorate them before goign back home to their wives. In fact it iterally means “cheer me up” and not coincidentally is a coffee flavoured dessert with eggs!

Preparing Tiramisù is very easy and few ingredientes are needed: ladyfingers (we usually use “Savoiardi”¹) dipped in coffee (Italian espresso!) layered with whipped mixture of eggs, sugar and mascarpone cheese, flavoured with cocoa.

That’s all! But if you want to prepare a classical Tiramisù, ingredientes must be the correct ones, fresh, good and mixed in the proper way!

If you are here in Rome and you really want to learn how to prepare it and cook the most famous Italian dishes you cantake a cooking class with our chefs.

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