The ugliest fountain in Rome

June 20, 2023
The ugliest fountain in Rome

Want to know more of the ugliest fountain in Rome? As you know, Rome is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world because of the vast number of monuments, museums and fountains. Every corner has something to tell…. We’d like to share the story behind what is considered the ugliest fountain in Rome.

The ugliest fountain in Rome

In Rome, even what may seem ugly has a beautiful – and interesting- story. Such is the case with the fountain in Via del Babuino, considered the ugliest in Rome.

The story of the Babuino fountain is very unusual and has Cardinal Dezza as its protagonist.

The story of the fountain

The monument was built in 1571, when the Ferrara merchant Alessandro Grandi decided to build the fountain for public use at his own expense. For the project, he chose marble and a life-size sculpture of a Silenus.

The statue, we must admit, is not very good looking and due to its ugliness, the statue was named ‘Er babuino’ (the Italian for baboon) after which the entire street, where the fountain is located, is named.

The Fountain of Via del Babuino

The Head of the Silenus of the Fountain of Via del Babuino

Why is the fountain so famous?

In spite of this, the fountain became quite famous thanks to a cardinal who passed by every day and took off his hat in front of the statue.

The reason? Apparently Dezza was short-sighted and mistook the figure for a saint. However, his unusual gesture was incredible and forever changed the fate of the fountain in Via del Babuino.

After a series of modifications on the street commencing in 1737, however, the fountain was dismantled. Only in 1957, thanks to the protest a group of roman citizens, the fountain returned to its original position and appearance.

You can find it halfway through Via del Babuino and we are sure… you’ll find it ugly, but at the same time a true amusement! Come to Rome and take one of Tours. We’ll take you to see the ugliest fountain in Rome!! Come and #feeltheessence.